Safety & Security

Keeping our people, plants and power grid safe

Safety and security are important components of all we do at LES.
After all, electricity keeps life in our community going. Our economy, security, productivity and day-to-day activities all depend on it!

That’s why keeping our plants and power grid safe and protected from a variety of potential threats is always top of mind. We continuously review our security measures and response plans to ensure resiliency.

Electricity is also a very powerful force. Creating and delivering it requires serious focus on preventing accidents and injuries. We’re proud of the efforts our employees put in each day to maintain a safe system, and the positive record they’ve achieved.

Safety & Security: LES in 2019

Power grid protection

LES participated in GridEx V, the national power grid security exercise, along with over 500 other utilities, local governments and emergency management entities across the U.S. They reviewed the risks of a coordinated cyber or physical attack on the power grid and created incident response plans to ensure preparation in the unlikely event of an incident.

Keeping our plants safe

Several safety-related projects were completed at the LES power plants in 2019. At Rokeby Generation Station, LES installed new ammonia sensors, new ignitors and a new sprinkler system. At the Terry Bundy Generating Station, LES completed a safety audit and added infrared windows to our 480 switchgear to monitor sensitive switchgear connections and identify potential hazards.

Recognizing a culture of safety

LES received the Nebraska’s Safest Companies award from the National Safety Council, Nebraska for the 5th year in a row. LES also continued recognizing employees for their safety efforts through employee initiatives, such as the Good Catch/Lesson Learned programs.

GridEx participants discuss risks and solutions to possible situations happening in our industry.

GridEx participants discuss risks and solutions to possible situations happening in our industry.