Providing dependable power for everyday life

Electricity makes life as we know it possible. We use electricity to turn on lights when we wake, make coffee and breakfast, charge our phones. Streetlights guide us in the early hours and get us to the office or school.

Beyond the daily routine, our community depends on reliable electrical power for our most vital needs. In healthcare, this is essential. For patients in surgery and babies in the NICU, a steady flow of power sustains life. At LES, we are honored to provide this invisible driving force, delivering electricity where it’s needed most.

Overall, we maintained our outstanding service reliability of 99.99 percent, a result of robust planning and maintenance of our electrical system. From replacing aging transformers, poles and underground cables to constructing new substations in high-growth areas, we’re investing in safe, reliable and affordable power for tomorrow.

LES’ focus on reliability extends outside of our service area, too. As a member of the APPA’s mutual aid network, LES is always ready to answer the call for assistance and is reimbursed for all costs of deploying crews to help utilities in need, while continuously balancing the need to be ready for adverse events that may take place at home in the Lincoln area.

We’re committed to keeping power flowing at all times, constantly reducing risks and resolving interruptions quickly.

Reliability: LES in 2019

Less outages

LES customers experienced much less outage time than most utility customers in 2019. The average outage time per customer in 2019 was 13.5 minutes total, which is 89% lower than the 2018 national average of 126 minutes. (most current data available).

You’re in the loop

LES added a new real-time outage map on This keeps customers up to date about where outages are being addressed and service is quickly being restored.

LES Operations Center

Construction of phase one concluded, and LES employees began working from the new LES Operations Center in SE Lincoln. The second location will bring efficiency to serve our growing community both operationally and through response activities. Phase two construction is ongoing, and scheduled completion is anticipated to be in spring 2021.

Diamond-level rating

By providing reliable and safe electric services, LES maintained its Reliable Public Power Provider, Diamond Level, status from the APPA. The RP3 designation recognizes public power utilities that demonstrate reliability, safety, workforce development and system improvement.

An LES line technician, working to keep power reliable for our community.

An LES line technician, working to keep power reliable for our community.