Public Power, not-for-profit, community-owned utility.

Collaboration with a Purpose

Collaboration provides win/win scenarios

Typically, the best way to save money on an electricity bill is to find ways to save electricity. LES is helping customers do just that by working with industry partners and the community to deliver innovative technology and program offerings.

Empowering programs

LES’ programs help the community manage energy more efficiently without having to sacrifice comfort AND helping to keep electric costs low.

In 2018, LES saved nearly $130,000 from customers converting to paperless billing. With a small portion of that savings, LES was able to promote the Paperless Billing program with the purchase of four mobile solar-powered charging stations and two solar-powered charging benches for the community. Through a collaboration with Lincoln Parks & Recreation, LES and its customers donated 40 trees to rebuild our city’s tree population.

We also kept energy savings in mind when we launched our Peak Rewards program, an initiative aimed to empower customers to help LES manage its system peak.

The inaugural program exceeded LES’ goal with more than 930 customers registering their internet-connected thermostats.


The community welcomed our two-year electric vehicle study with FleetCarma to learn how EVs will impact utility operations. A total of 100 customers signed up for the study, exceeding our goal of 50 of the nearly 300 EVs in our territory.

Sharing knowledge

As a public power utility, we like to get out into the community and make ourselves known, whether it’s in classrooms, giving tours, speaking at events or giving safety demos.


No matter the time and place, we like to share our energy and passion for electricity with you, and we hope our customers learn from us.


In 2018, we reached more than 12,000 community members through 226 educational events like our high-voltage safety demonstrations and the Little Lineworker Rodeo. This year’s LES Sustainable Living Festival pulled in approximately 1,500 people. We teamed up with vendors to help our community members find ways to live a more sustainable life.

New partnerships included engagement with the Lincoln Children’s Museum, as well as Nebraska 4-H Teens as Teachers, where LES trained teens on how to use Snap Circuit kits to teach kids about how electricity works.

And, we connected with future employees through STEM-focused events like science fairs, UNL’s Engineering Week and Natural Resources District Nature Nights.

As you can see, LES engages with our customers and tries to align our decisions with the values of our community. With everyone doing their part to save and to learn about the future of electricity, there’s no doubt Lincoln’s strong community will lead to a stronger utility.


Thank you for being the purpose behind our power.