CEO Letter

Together, we are one powerful community.

For more than 50 years, LES has been dedicated to our community – to providing reliable, affordable electricity to families, farms and businesses. We have seen this area grow and thrive, and we’re proud to say that together, we have become one powerful community.

Lincoln Electric System is proud to provide the safe, reliable and affordable electricity our customers depend on for life’s everyday activities. But our duties go well beyond energy. As a public power utility, it is key that the way we plan, operate and maintain the utility match the values of our community.

Ongoing concern for the environment and our support of sustainable practices, coupled with our efficient use of funds and cost control measures, allow us to build trust with our customers and give back to the communities we serve. Trust also comes in the form of dependability. Our system, including transmission lines, distribution lines, substations, power plants and district cooling facilities, performed extremely well throughout the year. Our customers experienced short outage and power restoration times in 2019. The System Average Interruption Duration Index — the average amount of outage time for customers — excluding major events, was just 13.53 minutes in 2019, approximately 20% of the national average.

LES’ Annual Report tells the story of how our dedicated employees continue to safely deliver clean, affordable, reliable energy and excellent customer service — 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This report also highlights our continued commitment to safety, reducing system demand through offerings such as Peak Rewards and the Sustainable Energy Program, and using generation resources effectively through innovation and industry collaboration. It showcases examples of our engagement with the community during our Sustainable Living Festival and the newly launched Zoo Lights Powered by LES, as well as giving back through our many community service efforts.

While electricity is not often the focal point of our customers as they work, live daily life and enjoy their community — LES is working behind the scenes to be a utility that you can rely on. We are proud to be local people serving local people and a part of this One Powerful Community.


Kevin G. Wailes, Chief Executive Officer