Together, We're One Powerful Community

Electricity enables and illuminates our everyday lives. It is an invisible force that powers our activities and empowers our community.


Keeping rates affordable for customers

We always work to reduce our costs and streamline our operations in an effort to maintain rates among the lowest in the country.

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Nighttime view of pedestrian bridge linking parking areas near the Haymarket Park baseball stadium to Pinnacle Bank Arena.

LES ranks among 100 US cities for lowest overall rates.


Consecutive years with no systemwide rate increases.


Providing dependable power for everyday life

Electricity is a vital component of modern life. We’re committed to ensuring it flows continuously to homes, hospitals, businesses and everywhere it’s needed.

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An LES line technician, working to keep power reliable for our community.
13.5 Minutes

Average outage time per customer in 2019, which is 89% lower than the 2018 national average of 126 minutes. (most current data available).


Joining in efforts to improve our community

We are proud to serve the energy needs of this community because we are a PART OF THIS COMMUNITY! We care deeply about the needs of our neighbors.

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Dollars provided by LES in energy assistance to vulnerable households, working with Community Action.


Dollars given by employees to support United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County.


Planning and innovating to meet demand

As our community grows, demand for energy grows. Meeting that demand requires constant focus on innovation and implementing new approaches.

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An LES engineer teaches festival attendees about wind turbine technology at the 2019 Sustainable Living Festival.

Reduction in carbon emissions at LES within the past decade.


Our passenger car fleet is 71% hybrid, plug-in, hybrid or all-electric vehicles.

Safety & Security

Keeping our people, plants and grid safe

From preventing employee accidents to ensuring our power plants and grid are secure, safety is a key priority at LES.

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GridEx participants discuss risks and solutions to possible situations happening in our industry.

LES employees who took part in GridEx V, the national security exercise to assess risks of cyber or physical attacks on the electrical grid and ensure preparedness for such an event.